Web Designing and Web Development


It is said that the journey of thousand miles always starts with a single step. I believe it is
the first single step which is always difficult to take. Learning Web Designing and Web Development is also like a journey of thousand miles which requires determination, consistency and dedication.

Web Designing and Web Development are two different terms. One should be able to distinguish between Web Designing and Web Development. Let us learn it.
    Well, consider  facebook.com. We use facebook daily. When we visit facebook, a simple page appears in your browser with a logo, wallpaper, login form and registration form. The design of page, the way it looks, its colours, images, slide shows and everything which appears on  screen is regarded as a part of Web Designing.
So, What is Web Development?
Suppose you enter username and password and click login button. Consequently, your page appears, containing your profile,  messages, friendlist, post, pages and much more. But what about when one enters wrong username or password, certainly he/she is not logged in.
Suppose you make a new facebook account or  change password of your existing account. Who changes your password, who registers your account, who makes you log in and log out?
There is a mechanism working behind it, there are certain computer languages which do all it for you. This mechanism is called the web development.



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