My First Ever Professional Lecture

Today, I delivered my first ever professional lecture to the students of D.I .T(Diploma in Information Technology) at Husnain Institute of Information and Technology, Moro.Indeed, It was a great experience. It was not also easy to face a large number of spectators for me but by the grace of Allah Almighty I did it. The appreciation by my teacher encouraged me a lot. I taught them the basic concept of Web Designing and Development. I told them the helpful websites which I knew.
Moreover, It is a matter of great honor to teach the students in the presence of your teacher. Yes, Sir Hidayatullah Soomro, the managing director of Husnain Institute of  Information Technology is my teacher who taught me the basic concepts of using internet some where in 2006.
All in all, It was a great achievement for me to teach the students who were elder than me.


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