How to Open YouTube in Pakistan without Hotspot Shield Easily

Youtube is the largest Video Sharing Network. It is widely used over internet. It has been blocked in Pakistan for two years. Pakistani users in general and entrepreneurs special facing many problems for their online activities. Pakistan government is not going to unblock it. There have been many remours about it that YouTube is going to be opened soon, But till that we have to use an alternative for it.
YouTube provides you many opportunity to learn and earning.
Every other online business has some connection with YouTube.
YouTube contribute to every field of Internet in one way or the other.

How YouTube Pay for Ads and How to Make Money With YouTube Ads.

YouTube is the world's largest video sharing websites. Every kind of video is available for every type and every age of person. Many people are making money online with Youtube. Youtube provides many opportunities for advertiser to promote their business and for publisher to promote other business and earn some bucks as commission. It is a unique and most trusted platform for video sharing and making money online. YouTube is rendering great many service for every type of person.

Before coming you actual topic, you need to know about publisher and advertiser. Well, Advertiser is the one who has a company and wants to promote it. For this, he uses many method which include creation of video ads on television or internet and advertising on website or blogs.

Earning With

Earning With

There are so many methods to earn online like affiliate marketing, blogging, freelancing, article writing and many others. Among them article writing is the easiest way of earning online. is a platform for earning online with article writing. It is very easy and simple to use. You have to write article on topic of your own choice and have to get views, likes and comment from other Bubblers.
It is a very unique in nature and does not require any skills like programming, html, wordpress,etc

Here we go with


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