How YouTube Pay for Ads and How to Make Money With YouTube Ads.

YouTube is the world's largest video sharing websites. Every kind of video is available for every type and every age of person. Many people are making money online with Youtube. Youtube provides many opportunities for advertiser to promote their business and for publisher to promote other business and earn some bucks as commission. It is a unique and most trusted platform for video sharing and making money online. YouTube is rendering great many service for every type of person.

Before coming you actual topic, you need to know about publisher and advertiser. Well, Advertiser is the one who has a company and wants to promote it. For this, he uses many method which include creation of video ads on television or internet and advertising on website or blogs.

Publishers is the one who owns a blog or website and place the ads of others related companies on his/her blog. In simpler terms, he is the promoter of the other's company for which he is being paid some bucks by him. There is another term which is called "Ad Network". It is a company acts as third party. It is link between advertiser and publisher. There are many "Ad Networks" like Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, etc

Now, I would talk about YouTube ads.The following are the two methods which are being used by YouTube to pay the publishers.

1. Cost  Per View(CPV): 

As it is clear from the title that it depends upon the number of view. Publisher is paid when a visitors visit the YouTube add which is place on his channel for more than 30 second. No matter how many time the unique visitor views the add, you would be paid for once only. 

2. Cost Per Click(CPC) : 

This method works for click. Publisher is paid when a visitor comes to his channel and clicks the add placed under the screening video and opens it for 3o seconds. As depends upon click, if a user clicks an ad 50 times, the publisher would be paid for 50 times.

I hope that this article must have told you something interesting. There are millions of ways to make money online. It is not very simple to make money online but it need constant efforts and dedication.


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