Computer and Its Components


Computer is machine which is used to store data and access data as and when needed.

Components of Computer

Well, It is generally taught that there are four parts of computer which are mouse, keyboard, monitor and CPU. This definition of computer is wrong. If we consider it as a true one then what about other devices  like printer, scanner, projector, etc.
All in all, this is a wrong definition which is being taught to the student since from very beginning.
            Basically, there are four component of computer which includes all the devices of computer. They are hardware, software, data and user. 

            The physical parts of computer whom we can touch are called hardware. The examples include monitor, CPU, keyboard, scanner, etc

          Software is simply defined as the component of computer which we cannot touch.
          Software is a set of instructions which is given to the computer by the developers and called program and do our job as we direct it.

          Data is the material which we want to save in computer or get it back from computer. Data includes all formats of material like, written material, photo, videos, etc

          User is a person who operates the computer. User is the one who gives the commands to the computer.
    This is the actual and proper definition of computer.



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