Preface To The Blog


Its me Muhammad Ali, the Web Designer and Web Developer with you on the
world wide web to help you learn Web Designing and Web Development.
This is the introductory post. Here I will disclose the way, the technique and the
procedure which I will apply to teach you Web Designing and Web Development.
Initially, I will concentrate on Web Designing and gradually I will move
towards Web Development. I will try to write as simple as I can for you guys. I will more concentrate on practical work than theoretical. You will also find the source code on my blog for your better understanding.
If you do not understand anything or face any problem, you are free to ask me. You can ask in comment section, email me at or call me on my cell number 00923343868945. I am available to you round the clock.
    Now, let us talk about your responsibilities. For  learning Web Designing and Web Development, you really need to work hard, display determination and dedication. You must develop your personal interest in it. You must have to give some time to your computer and my blog. Learning Web Designing and Web Development is a long journey,  you need to be patient and determined. Along with Web Designing and Web Development,  you keep continue your other hobbies like watching sports,  movies,  talk shows,  playing games, etc so that you do not
get irritated from Web Designing and Web Development.
    Moreover, nobody is born genius, all that he learns, he learns by hardworking and struggle.
Always one should hope for the best regardless of the problems and difficulties. So wishing you the best of luck and hoping for your better understanding of upcoming lessons and tutorials.


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