3G & 4G Auction in Pakistan

3G & 4G Auction in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority(PTA) has taken a broad step to enhance the scope of Internet in the country. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority(PTA) auctioned 3G and 4G on 23rd of April. There is no doubt that Internet is the back bone of each and every field of life.Every aspect of life it greatly influenced by the internet in one way or the other.
The cellular companies of Pakistan like Ufone, Jazz, Warid ,etc were using the 2G technology in order to provide internet facility to their customers which was very slow as compared to 3G and 4G. 4G technology is a bit faster than the 3G technology.

Advantages of 3G & 4G Network.

3G and 4G provides:
  •  the fastest speed of internet.
  • an ample opportunity to download and upload videos from mobile phones.
  • mobile phone user will be able to use internet anytime at any place.


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